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It's a simple fact that business videos boost conversions and sales. They're easy to consume, easy to educate with, and it's easy to reach a wider audience with your brand.

A growing number of small businesses use video marketing to attract new leads and enquiries. Videos are used to showcase products and services, give insights into company culture, the personality of the people who work there, and the brand ethos.

In the retail space, product videos allow the customer to really engage with and understand a particular item, boosting the chance they will click your buy now button.

In the business to business world, videos are used to build trust and authority, showing potential new clients that yes, you really are the right person to do business with.

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Video consumption is growing at more than 100% year on year. Isn't it time that you embraced business video to boost your own reach and engagement?

Some of our clients' latest videos

We create different types of video for different clients. Some want them short and punchy, some want them longer and in-depth. Some want to appear in them and some don't! Whatever their needs, we can help.


Please be patient while these videos load. They're stored on Facebook and take a few moments to appear. Click the volume icon in each video if you can't hear the audio and you can fullscreen each video if you'd like.

Choose the right package for your needs

Different clients have very different requirements so we've put together some cost-effective business video packages that will help improve reach and engagement.

Quick Ad

15-second square video. One scene with a message (5 sec) and the second with contact details (10 sec). Using licensed stock clips.

Header 1

Header video for both your website and Facebook page. Using licensed stock clips, your own messages and contact details

Slides 1

A completely slide-based marketing video with key messages extracted from your website and social media profiles


Slides 2

A talking head video giving you the opportunity to introduce your company. Topped & tailed with logos and contact details

Header 2

Header video for both your website and Facebook. Using clips shot at your offices, your own messages and contact details

Slides 3

A mix of slides talking about your business and a number of short video inserts for you to introduce yourself, recap and round off



We'll spend a few hours at your event. There'll be clips of key people, attendee testimonials, a timelapse and plenty of activity

Tips Pack

We'll film 6 short video clips of you to showcase your expertise, then top and tail them with logos and your contact details

Testimonial Pack

We'll visit 6 of your own clients and shoot a short testimonial video, then top and tail them with logos and contact details

Do you shoot your own videos and just need a video editor? If you're producing clips regularly for inclusion on your website and social media, we can finish your video, top and tail it with contact details and upload it to your YouTube channel and Facebook business page for just £50 per video.

Videos can be shot on chroma green screen to give you flexibility on background and portable lighting is available when needed. Just ask when enquiring.

Here comes the small print

All video projects require a £50 non-refundable deposit to secure the booking unless we're working together regularly and we agree a monthly retainer.

Once the project is completed and you have approved a branded videos online, we will invoice you the full amount. When payment has been received, we will upload unbranded videos to your Facebook business page and/or YouTube channel and make the MP4s available via dropbox or wetransfer.

Payment can be made by bank transfer (preferred) or by using your credit/debit card via PayPal (with a 5% surcharge to cover fees). No VAT is due on any of our video services at this time.

Mileage and expenses are included for all videos shot within 50 miles of Steffi HQ.

A few of our recent blog posts

Want to learn more about business video? Want to understand the ins and outs of shooting video? Our blog contains useful hints and tips to help you shoot better videos.

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